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your rights.

MAUS is here to help you track your music royalties.

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To get unlimited tracks registered and rich, real time performance tracking, sign up for an affordable monthly subscription from R59,99 or from R599 annually or sign up for a forever-free account.

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Accurately track your music royalty calculations according to the number of plays on radio, television & streaming*.

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Quickly find out how much your tracks are potentially earning.

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Our data and insights will empower you to claim what is rightfully yours.

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We’re on a mission to make sure that no artist ever gives up on their dream of making music.

We know how hard you work to make good music, but often your royalties just don’t match your effort. That’s because there’s been no accurate way to track your broadcast royalties and see how much you’re potentially owed − until now!

MAUS (Music Audit Usage System) is a simple, technology−based platform that gives you the tools to take control of the economics of your music career. Using the power of MAUS technology, we take the hassle out of registering your music, tracking and managing your royalties.

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Maximise your music revenue

Use the power of MAUS technology to accurately predict the value of your music and where it was played.

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Take control of your career

Enjoy the simplicity of one platform giving you control over valuable insights into your royalties, and the tools to manage your music career.

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We simplify the process of tracking and managing your music’s money.

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Clearly and accurately track your royalties; in real time. Access other tools like, uploading, music, adding meta data and agreeing the splits to help your music career.

Step 4

Confirm your royalties paid, and use our partners to help claim what’s missing.
Your Music, Your Rights.

Your music,
your rights.

Get the information you need to manage and track your music with an affordable, premium monthly subscription.

Your top track is on us - sign up for a premium account to register an unlimited number of tracks and profiles and gain access to the full MAUS experience.

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